12 Guage Beretta Choke Tubes


12 Guage Optima HP Stainless Steel choke tubes are made with same high standard as your Beretta shotgun. It is made from stainless steel bar stock and heated up at very high temperature prior go for machining. It has awesome durability, better taper design and reliable. The Optima HP choke tubes can be used in different Optima HP shotguns such as SV10 Perennia, SV10 Prevail, A400 Xplor, A400 XCEL, 692, DT-11 and UGB25 Sporting. These Choke Tubes are designed for Lead shots, Nickel, Hevi-Shot, Bismuth shots, Tungsten and Steel shots. Beretta choke tubes provide optimum long range pattern with lead shot. These Chokes will help you to improve your peak performance during clay shooting, Trap shooting, Skeet shooting and Beer shooting. These are very easy to install and remove from shotguns.
Features & Specifications:
1. Bright Stainless Finish
2. Flush Mount Choke Tubes
3. Improved Modified Constriction
4. Compatible with All Types of Shot Expect Steel Shot
5. High Quality shotgun chokes Tubes


Beretta 12 Gauge Optima Choke Tube is the best in term of performance, resistance and reliability. It is manufactured from high strength steel and finished in a nickel-alloy coating. These choke tubes guarantee significant corrosion resistance and have the ability to withstand the rigors of steel shots. Each choke tube is knurled on the end to allow for quick and easy installation. These Choke Tubes has feature a longer parallel section allowing for less flyers. These choke tubes are for 12 gauge shotguns with the Optima-Choke HP system.


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