Types of Shotgun Choke Tubes


Choke tubes plays a vital role in order to improve the shooting performance. Choke tubes are almost used in all shotguns for advanced shooting.  A choke is used at the muzzle end of barrel that controls the pattern diameters at different yards for effective shooting. The chokes are designed to alter the distribution of the shots for different purposes such as birds hunting or clay shooting. Some shotguns come with a fixed choke and some come with a threaded barrel. The choke tubes sizes vary according to the shotgun’s gauge.  The first choke was made in the middle of 19th century and William Greener was the creator. There are several types of choke tubes. Let me explain these Shotgun Choke Tubes one by one.


  1. Cylinder Chokes – If you are going for a close range shot then you Cylinder chokes would be best, because it has tight constriction barrel that allows the shot pattern spread quickly.
  2. Full Chokes – It is often used for extended range, up to 40-50 yards and very helpful in trap shooting, waterfowl pass shooting, rabbits and turkey hunting.
  3. Improved Cylinder Chokes – It has slight constriction. It would be better for short distance shooting and this is good choice for quail, rabbit and other upland games.
  4. Modified Chokes – Modified chokes are best for shooting for medium distances targets around 30 to 40 yards.
  5. Skeet Choke – It is used for 0.005 inches of constriction to produce a 30 inch diameter pattern at a distance of 21 yards. This choke is designed for close range skeet shooting.

These choke tubes are optimized to get the best performance from the new rooster XR ammunition. Today many shotguns come with several interchangeable chokes and choke wrenches as a part of the package. Improved Modified Choke tubes used often for dove hunting and mostly it is good for squirrels and other game shot at 40 yards ranges.